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Respectfully, Don Lewellyn President, Camp Quest Texas Camp Ray Bean is next door to YMCA Camp Grady Spruce, the site of a couple of our earlier camps, and it’s part of the Grady Spruce family of camps.

This campground has 14 cabins in 7 buildings, and lots of indoor and outdoor space for activities. All food is prepared on site, and there will be plenty of options for those with allergies and other dietary needs. Below is the Retreat Center where our volunteer staff will sleep, except for a few Cabin Counselors who stay with the campers in the cabins.

As the temperature dips and the Winter Solstice is upon us, we have our sights set on the summer!

After an accident in which he lost the use of an eye, Thurman left school on a spiritual quest throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. As part of his long-term commitment to the Tibetan cause, at the request of H. the Dalai Lama, Thurman co-founded Tibet House US in 1987 with Tenzin Tethong, Richard Gere, and Philip Glass.Our approach to developing leaders is a fundamental piece of our culture.At Granite, we believe our commitment to leadership strengthens our relationships with our customers, colleagues, and communities.What are the habits, attitudes and perception changes necessary to achieve success and financial freedom? And igniting that spirit, that passion for the possible, is where the journey begins. Another drawback about this DVD is the segways between the topics...are painfully repeated over and over and over... I like a couple of them so much that I plan on buying their books so I can continue to learn from them. It jumps from scene to scene too quickly and tries to incorporate to many images to fast.How is one's potential determined by personal beliefs and faith? Quest for Success explores what it takes to live a life of true happiness, personal fulfillment and authentic success. the universe is waiting for you to ask to be rich, happy and beautiful"... Although I felt the dvd The Secret was "cheesy", I do not hold that opinion of Quest for Success.

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If your treasure is limited, a donation of time and talent is equally appreciated.

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