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During Easter, Czech women can expect to be spanked on the backside with a willow whip and the men can expect to have cold water thrown on them.

This is all part of the fertility rites which Czechs still strongly associate with Eastertime.

The “Kardio 35“ working group of the Czech Society of Cardiology is dedicated to young cardiologists in the Czech Republic and currently unifies 140 members across the country.

Its activities are devoted mainly to cardiologists in training, but one of our analyses revealed a very surprising and pleasing finding, that there is also a large number of cardiology enthusiasts among medical students who would be interested in cardiology lectures.

We speak the language, travel the country, eat at local restaurants.

And we work with great partners to bring travel services to those of you who are coming to the Czech Republic for a visit.

Tourists and professionals from all over the world come to visit, live, work or raise families in this fantastic country.

But what should know about living and working in the Czech Republic?

The content of lectures was formed from topics across the entire Cardiology spectrum (ischemic heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias).

For many considering working or studying in a foreign country, the Czech Republic might not be at the top of their immediate list.

However, this Slavic nation is a hidden jewel in the heart of Europe and a favorite destination for those in the know.

Indeed, as is often the case, music, food and alcohol are the glue that holds the nation together.

Try insulting the quality of Czech beer () for a refreshing beverage. There are around half a million foreigners living in the Czech Republic, and the country has myriad clubs and support groups for non-Czechs.

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The Report brings not only the data from the last year, but also compares recorded manifestations of anti-Semitism with the developments in …