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It also taught me how to mix humility with an intense dedication to discovering truth.

That balance between the sometimes-hostile attitudes is where loving people is so necessary, yet so rewarding.

I didn't anticipate the profound and sometimes thorny questions that studying Children's Lit would teach me to face: questions of multiculturalism and racism in children's stories, the value of fantasy and fairy stories from a Christian worldview, and the balance of teaching a child moral guidance without stifling their joy and need to explore.

- Timothy Hsu, Classical Liberal Arts, '16 "Freedom’s Foundations” truly enlightened my understanding of government through learning about the classical view of the foundation of freedom and society. Mitchell especially challenges the class to think deeper and perceive the consequences to foundational ideas.

Students can transfer a maximum of 45 credits into an Associate Degree program, or 18 credits into a Certificate program.

Two General Education courses can be transferred in for students in Certificate of Achievement programs, but if course work has recently been completed, student can speak with the department chair for further credit or course substitutions.

- Andrew Kelly, Economics & Business Analytics, '17 PHC’s National Model United Nations team traveled to New York City for its annual UN Simulation and returned with a team Outstanding Delegation Award and Position Paper Award for members Manus Churchill and Mikael Good...

The way Yosemite's Burrel “Buckshot” Rambo Maier tells it, he's living the good life.

Move to New York and become a lawyer,” he attempted to comply, moving to the city and working in entertainment biz.

A Registrar would have to enter the course into the student’s account.

For example, a Holocaust course which BCC does not offer could fulfill the Diversity or History requirement.

“It’s a very quiet sound, but you don’t know where it’s coming from.

It’s like someone is whispering into your ear, but nobody is there.” To use Marzo’s device, a person first attaches a speaker to their forehead or chest and four electrodes to their lips and jaw.

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Student can get an exception to a course required in their program if student completed a related course at another school for which no transfer equivalency exists.

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